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Landscape Cost Estimating Software

... it thinks like you do!


How LiberRATE works

How LiberRATE Works

LiberRATE works like this:-

It thinks Like You do

Build up a task once - you never have to do it again. Save it for using in future estimates

It will update the costs as the prices of your materials labour or plant increases


If you are building up a task as part of a Job,

Create the line item for the Job (or import from electronic documents)

Add a description.

Add a Quantity, and a Unit

Add the material (from the Library or simply type them in).

Add the labour description and hours.

Add the Machinery (Plant)  (from the Library or simply type them in).

Add Subcontractor elements for the task.

Save the built up Item to the Items Library.

You will never have to calculate this again.


As the prices in your resources Material Labour Plant and Subcontractors change the Item updates so that even in 20 years’ time the build-up is relevant


You can duplicate Jobs. (for variations)

You can combine jobs (so one or many people can work on different parts of the Job simultaneously)

You can price by frequency (say for maintenance operations)

You can show excluded items

You can show individually marked up items

You can manipulate margins and overheads

You have a selection of reports which you can export to Word Excel PDF etc