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... it thinks like you do!


This is a list of the main functions included in LiberRATE  





  • Login only approved user(s).

  • User can only access Jobs designated to each user’s level i.e. set who can see which jobs as appropriate.

  • Administrator level can add new users and set who sees what

  • Set which users can administrate the libraries.


The Job Screen: (see screenshots)


  • Create and Control the Current Job

  • Create Manage Open File Jobs

  • Duplicate any Job and use the duplicate to submit variations on your tender

  • Change the default labour rate to fine tune tasks that use the default labour rate

  • Use other labour rates from a library of other labour rates

  • Get instant feedback on how many man days there are in your Job.

  • Adjust the "Hours per day" figure to cope with winter or summer,  long distance or other difficult working conditions

  • Set the type of estimating: Normal or frequency based estimating. Frequency based is turned off by default

  • Backup one or many Jobs to enable portability of Jobs or just to backup for safekeeping

  • Start new jobs with default mark-ups as set in in the options


The Items Screen -Your main Estimating Screen


  • Create new tasks from first principals using "normal language” You are not tied in to Surveyor speak and can produce quotes and schedules in the jargon appropriate to your clientele.

  • Take off pads record your measurements and calculations. No limit to the number of take-off pads you can use in any task. Take off pads can be set against each material resource

  • Take off pads as above against each plant as well as material resource

  • Add resources to a task even if the resources do not exist in your library

  • Save a built up task to your items library to retrieve again in the future. You'll never have to build up the task again - no matter what the size or quantity

  • VAT. Optionally add VAT to your Job

  • Find and Replace resource; Replace a resource with another throughout your Job

  • Spell check at Items level


Items Library - Your library of Models - Build a task once in only - You'll never have to do it again


  • Select one item at a time from the items library.

  • Select multiple items from multiple categories, review a schedule of what you have selected, and bring these all into your B/Q at the same time.

  • Insert Library item at any point on the build-up page.

  • Combine multiple Library items. Select two or more items and combine them into one item. On each item you will be asked for the individual quantity of that item required to make up the quantity of the new item. You would then be able to store the new item back to the library

  • Import of library item into existing item. This would allow an assistant to type in/scan in/import a list of bill items. The relevant library item would then be retrieved into the current item.

  • Select items from the library by Category, Code, Original Job or Keyword

  • Create new categories from your build up page to save directly into the Items library

  • Separate program for library administration. The library can be updated in a multi-user environment whist the estimator works on the pricing

  • There are two completely separate library sets; Users can set which library they wish to address. E.g. Building works or Civil Works. You can custom name the libraries as you wish.




LiberRATE' s functions