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Landscape Cost Estimating Software

... it thinks like you do!


LiberRATE makes this critical task so easy and with very little training!


LiberRATE ensures you know what the Job is going to cost you to do. Once you know your cost, you minimize risk and can apply profits to suit your market


LiberRATE lets you manage changes to the tender quickly and efficiently.


LiberRATE gives you tools to manage your Job once you’ve won it by producing work schedules and buying lists


LiberRATE gives you time related project information. You can tell your client exactly how long you will be on site


LiberRATE makes your quotes and tenders look superior to your competitors


LiberRATE demonstrates the detail of your thinking and shows your prospective client that you are a professional


LiberRATE allows you as an employer to ensure that your estimating staff are submitting viable tenders


LiberRATE is the Estimating System of Choice for the UK landscape industry.  It is no wonder that most of the award winning contractors use LiberRATE to secure and manage their Landscape and Garden contracts.


LiberRATE is about maximizing your estimating time and making a profit.

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LiberRATE's features

Ensure your profit by understanding your costs