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Landscape Cost Estimating Software

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LiberRATE Pricing

LiberRATE 4


LiberRATE is sold per licence with a reduced price for each subsequent licence

The base price is £875.00 for the first licence

You can switch between a personal Licence or your first Multi user Licence at any time

If you have multiple personal licences in your organisations and you swish to switch to the same amount of Multi- user licences there would be no charge.


Maintenance charges

There are no maintenance charges until Year 3

From then onwards your charges are as follows:

Maintenance Charge from the 3rd year after purchase  only

for bug fixes and general maintenance issues + free annual upgrades within the version


For single users: per annum £125.00


For Organisations with Multiple Licences  

Cost per annum per organisation

2 - 5 licences     £250.00

6 - 10  licences  £300.00

11 + licences     £400.00


Re-issue of licence for lost computers or hard disk failures (where a licence must be cancelled)£35.00

Re-issue of licence for new Pc's (old licence transferred)no charge


Terminal Server Licences

Please request this information


What you get for your maintenance charge

•Unlimited support

•We add new features within the version each year and you are automatically upgraded

•You can call us (and our clients do) for coaching reviews or assistance on our wide range of Landscape bidding or pricing experience


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