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Landscape Cost Estimating Software

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"Working with the supportive service of Landpro, I have been able to determine every contact is underpinned by accurate cost quantify.  An essential core to successful projects."


Brian Herbert - Outdoor Options, Surrey



“I have used Liberate for many years now and have always found it logical and simple to use, any difficulties I do have are easily overcome using the telephone support.  I use Liberate for all of my quoting needs be they simple or complex, the system copes easily with any job I throw at it.”


Richard Gardiner – Norris and Gardiner



"I've been using LiberRATE for a number of years (now on my third version).  I wouldn't be without it, and have recommended it to a number of others.  It allows me to prepare quotes in a way that makes them very accessible- the range of reports possible means I can print off the information I want from a quote for the client to details of skip requirements for the foreman.  Being able to phone with any problems helped when getting to grips with the system."


Tim Bucknall - Stewarts Landscaping




"Over the many years I have worked with Sam Hassall Landpro it has all been good the Liberate system is FANTASTIC making it so much easier to do effective, well thought through Quotes with a very good information base to pass onto the staff to make sure that this is subsequently carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Really the best system out there that we have seen.

LandPRO are always very helpful and especially if you do something stupid are very good at talking one through installation and operation."


Daniel Curran, DIRECTOR - Ginkgo Landscape Contractors Limited



"LiberRATE has transformed the way I assemble quotations. Using LiberRATE I can now produce quotations in a fast, accurate and professional manner. Once the quotation has been accepted I can then monitor the progress of the project using the reports facility ensuring that I am keeping on target with labour and materials.


The only suggestion I have is that if the software could import a logo to produce headed reports with perhaps a  footer with company details and also if it were able to produce invoices, it would be the complete package."


Mike Wilkinson - The Garden Path


LandPro is a unique specialist Landscape cost consultancy and Landscape Quantity surveying consultancy.

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