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What does it cost


LiberRATE is sold per licence

The cost of the 1st licence is £850 + VAT

There are no maintenance fees until Year 3; thereafter it is £120.00 per user (personal edition)

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LiberRATE's Functions


There is a Personal edition

and a Multi-user edition.

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LiberRATE's main features


You can learn to use it in a day

It will win you work that you make a profit on.

It makes the task of estimating a pleasure rather than a task.

It will ensure your organizations productivity and profitability.

It thinks like you do

Users comments

“It’s made our business grow phenomenally since we started using it.”


 "I really recommend it”


“I wish we’d started using LiberRATE years ago.”




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LiberRATE Estimating - Cost estimating software for Landscape and other Specialist trades.

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“ It thinks like you do”

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